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June 2002, we decided to enlarge our family with a chocolate labrador. After a long search, we found in September 2001 the kennels "Blacksugar" in Lessines. We were on a waiting list during about a year, but in August 2002, our Birscha was born. France Peetroons had two litters at that moment. The mothers were Blacksugar Yena and Blacksugar Yota, both served by Yhuri of Angel's Head. Together they had 25 puppies.
We had a choice out nine chocolate bitches. We looked for a bitch with a lot of temperament, and so we took Birscha.
In addition, our choice was well done, she has a great temperament.
Birscha has grown up into a very beautiful bitch; especially her very dark colour makes her special.
She also attracts attention by her character, she never gets tired, always goes on and on, and she jumps like a kangaroo.
On shows she is often noticed, she obtains regular a place between the four winners.
Birscha, you are a special dog! I hope we can enjoy for very long time your frisky temperament.
You are our madcap!

Blacksugar Birscha
Blacksugar Birscha
Blacksugar Birscha
Blacksugar Birscha


Yhuri of Angel's Head (c) Ch Int Logan I (c) Gordon de Chantemelse (c)

Helly (c)

Urhane (c)


Splash de Apporteur
Blacksugar Yota (c) Ch Banner's Muskelunge Buckeye ( c)

Banner's Wenwood Obleo Arrow ( c)

Ch Amblesides Banner of Triple L ( c)
Tanaïs of Angel's Head (b) Ch Lejie Royal Mail (b)
Quelly of Misty Dreams (b)

c= chocolate; b= black



Date Place Judge Class Result
16/11/2003 Kortrijk Parkinson Junior 2nd Exc
14/12/2003 Brussel Verrees Junior Exc
10/01/2004 Parijs Rault Junior VG
22/02/2004 Gent Hancock Open VG
14/03/2004 Hoogstraten Hartley Open VG
17/04/2004 Antwerpen Delvaux Open 3rd Exc
08/05/2004 Wieze VD Linden Open 4rd Exc
20/06/2004 Leuven Leenen 18-30 months 2nd Exc
24/07/2004 Luik Kardos Open 3rd Exc
25/07/2004 Mertert Stafford Inter <10 Exc
07/08/2004 Leuven Leenen Open Exc
04/09/2004 Luxemburg Kips Open 3rd Exc
19/09/2004 Bennekom Lanctot Open <10 Exc
26/06/2005 Genk Van Herle Open Exc
24/07/2005 Liege Bister Open 2nd Exc
20/08/2005 Mechelen Stuifbergen Open 4th Exc
10/09/2005 Oostende Hancock Open Excellent
17/09/2005 Maastricht Hagelin Open Excellent
16/10/2005 Dortmund Johnson Open VG
20/11/2005 Courtrai Harrison Open Excellent
07/01/2006 Hoogstraten Hodge Open VG
23/09/2006 Cambrai Rault Open 1st Exc, Cacs, BOB
08/10/2006 Charleroi Drouillard Open 2nd Exc, Rcac-Rcacib
04/11/2006 Dordrecht Wong Open VG
19/11/2006 Kortrijk Zidar Open VG
10/12/2006 Genk Nightingale Open VG
23/12/2006 Tienen Lammens Open 3th Exc










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