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About nine years ago, by coincidence, we decided to welcome a labrador retriever in our family.
Zarra was born on the 25 th of June 1995 .
She was a yellow labrador from an occasional litter from a friend. She had a pedigree of St. Hubertus and she was a lovely puppy. She grew up into a wonderful bitch, but unfortunately, her health was not very good.
Owing to the concerns, we had a unique relationship. She was much attached, very calm and obeyed just perfect.
Zarra accompanied us everywhere, at work, during our hobby's just everywhere.
The unconditional love for a labrador was born.
Three years later came Ben in our life. A certain Sunday, a black dog was left behind at our work. He was badly ill-treated and undernourished. He had broken ribs, and was very scared for every loud noise, and each sudden movement.
We decided to take care of him and called him Ben.
He seemed to be a crossbreeding from a black labrador and a Danish dog, and the vet thought he was about 12, 13 months old.
During two years, it has cost us a lot of pains and patience, but Ben became a very happy dog.
Unfortunately, Ben has to live with the results of his malnutrition, he suffers from a heavy shape of HD and ED, but we try to give him a life more than worth it.
At that moment, we had a yellow and a black labrador, and more and more we were thinking about a chocolate.
After a long and well-considered search, we found the kennels "Blacksugar" in Lessines.
Blacksugar Birscha was born on the 12 th of august 2002. She is a beautiful bitch, with energy like four.
It was an enormous difference between her and Zarra as a puppy, but that made our love for the breed only bigger.
17 March 2003 was a dreadful day for our family, Zarra died unexpected.
It happened all of a sudden, but peaceful in my arms.
Zarra, you will always be a part of our life's, you live in our hearts forever.
Because of you the passion for the labrador started, you were a dog of one's dreams.
Thank you.
Zarra left a great void, and after a couple of months, we decided to look for a new yellow labrador. France Peetroons of the kennels "Blacksugar" put us in touch with Diane Billon of the kennels "D'Overbeek", and there we chosen Cheyenne . She was born on 3 July 2003 . She is very gentle and now the "Benjamin" of the family.
On recommendation from many people, we participated at the show in Kortrijk with Blacksugar Birscha. During her first participation, she became second in youth with an excellent.
The passion for shows was born, and in the meanwhile, Birscha and Cheyenne obtain fine results.
A several months ago Ben, Birscha and Cheyenne got a new playmate. We look after the chocolate labrador of our neighbours during their work.
Blacksugar Dwina is considered as a part of the family. She was born on the 2 nd of March 2004 in Lessines, and she has had already great results on show.
In the meanwhile, we began thinking about breeding ourselves.
Birscha is a bitch who is very mature for her age; she is lovely with puppies, a very tender type.
She will become a super mother, that is for sure.
Because we always want to do things right, we decided to start a kennels, and searched after a good name. The kennels starts with Birscha and Cheyenne , so we wanted a name to pay a tribute to Zarra and Ben.
So we find "of Benza Beauty".
We wish to thank France Peetroons for her advice and implicit support.
The love and the passion for the labrador we had already, but she imparts us knowledge.

Francis and Marleen.








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