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19/05/2009 This 19 May, our Birscha has whelped 10 beautiful chocolate puppies. 7 males and 3 females. One of the female will stay with us
17/04/2009 The ultrasound made today has shown that our Birscha is well pregnant. All goes perfectly with her.

21 maart 2009 Today, there is a second natural mating. We hope to have an healthy litter. The ultrasound will be made on 17 The April.

20 maart 2009 Birscha and Hunter http://greenwoodlodge.chielewout.nl/hunter.htm have a succesful meeting today. The first natural mating in fact!



21/2/2009   We were in show for the first time since long       

                    Zorro was for the first time in junior class at the age of 10 months old, he finish 2nd Exc of his strong class of 8 dogs. he was the youngest of the class.Thanks to his owners Tina and Mario who take care of him.

                    And after that, her half-sister fugi of Benz Beauty was placed 1st in open class and won her first CACIB.

What a day !!!!!

                    Thanks to Mr Young Keith for this nice day.


18/10/2008    Today was a big day for our kennel. Fugi was placed 1st Exc and has gain her first Cac in Cambrai.


Thanks to Mrs van Dee for this nice day.     



16/8/2008    Will to Please in Ardooie hold his clubshow today and our Fugi was placed 1st Exc in breeder class. I'm very proud of my girl. Thanks at Mr Decuyper for the nice rapport !        


Zorro (Handsome of Benza Beauty), son of Cheyenne and Bandit was placed 2nd VP in baby class.

19/7/2008    At the show of Liège today, Our bitch fugi of Benza Beauty was placed 2nd Exc in open class. Thanks to Mrs Brankovic.



14/6/2008     Fugi was placed 3rd Exc at the 3rd g Labrador Retriever Clubschow at Ardooie. Thanks to Josette Germain for this nice result.



A wonderfull day for us today. At the show of Cambrai in France, all our dogs have taken a first place .
Destin of Benza Beauty : 1 EX in intermediaire class
Fugi of Benza Beauty: 1 TP in puppy class
Blacksugar Birscha: 1 EX in open class, CACs and BOB.

Thanks to Mrs Rault for her nice comments and thanks to Denis and France to let me have this nice bitch .

07/01/2006 Birscha and Destin were at the show in Hoogstraten. They got a "very good" . Darryl of Benza Beauty got an "excellent"
02/01/2006 The ultrasound shows today that Cheyenne is pregnant. Her puppies are expected around the 4th February 2006
3-05/12/2005 Our bitch Cheyenne d'Overbeek was mated by Virtuose de la Vallée Chéron. Black and yellow puppies are expected around 04th February 2006. Our stay at the kennel "La Vallée Chéron" was very pleasant and we thank Veronique Grison for her hospitality.

Participation at the eurodogshow at Kortrijk
Darryl of Benza Beauty: 3rd Ex
Destin of Benza Beauty: 4th TB
Blacksugar Birscha: Ex
Cheyenne d’Overbeek: Ex

Our bitch Cheyenne is in season's since this morning, so a little before that expected.
So our next litter is expected begin Februari 2006.
Saturday, we'll make the choice of the stud. It will be a black male from the kennel “La Vallée Cheron” in France, but we still don't know which one of the 3 .

16/10/2005 Today wev'e made the long trip to Dortmund. We wake up very early but gone with a lot of courage. In the junior class dogs, there were 15 and in the open class bitches 19. The 2 got a very good, so not what we hope but the comments of the 2 judges were very good about our dogs. Also the interest of the visitors was very high. So quiet a good day.
01/10/2005 Destin and Darryl of Benza Beauty and Blacksugar Birscha have take part at the show of Charleroi.Destin wa placed 2nd VG and Darryl 3rd VG.The way to judge of Mr Rocheboeuf was very strange and when he has to judge the open class male, he gave only 2 excellent and the 6 other dogs receives a very good and were not placed. Regarding this, I decided to retire Blacksugar Birscha from the judgement and not to show her.
17/09/2005 Destin and Darryl have take part for the last time in puppy class at the show of Maastricht. Destin was 1st VP and Best Puppy and Darryl was 2nd VP. Birscha in open class got an excellent but was not placed. Regarding the high level of the class it's a good result.
10/09/2005 Today, we've participate at the show "Die Scone" in Oostende. Destin and Darryl of Benza Beauty were showed in puppy class. It was the first show of Darryl and it was great for him as he went 1st Very Promising and Best Puppy. Destin was 2nd also very promising.
Blacksugar Birscha was in open class, she got an excellent but was not placed.
20/08/2005 Participatin at the Romboutscup in Mechelen.
Today, Destin of Benza Beauty was placed 2nd VP in puppy class. His brother Daico was 3rd also VP.
Blacksugar Dwina has a VG in junior class, and Blacksugar Birscha was 4th exc in open class. Even if Birscha was not in top condition, she has done a very good result..
We take also part at the competition in couple, Birscha with Destin andDwina with Daico. Dwina and Daico win en went to the honour's ring and were placed 3rd of the show..

24/7: GoldenDogTrophy at Liege: Mrs S. Bister (Fin)
We take part at the show with 5 of our dogs.
Destin of Benza Beauty: 4th P(puppy)
Daico of Benza Beauty: 3rd P(puppy)
Blacksugar Dwina: 4th VG (junior)
Blacksugar Birscha: 2nd Ex (open)
Cheyenne d'Overbeek: 3rd Ex (open)

A very good result, just unfortunatly for Dwina wha has a complete off-day and does'nt want to show herself. That's things that happens, it will be beter next time

28/06/2005 Our first show with our puppies "of Benza Beauty" was a great succes. Destin was 1st VP and 2nd BPIS and Daico was 2nd VP. Our others dogs have also nice results as Blacksugar Dwina who becomes junior champion of Limburg , Blacksugar Birscha got an "excellent", and Cheyenne d'Overbeeck a "very good" . So a very successfull day for us and we hope of course to know in the future many such days.
26/06/2005 Our puppies Destin and Daico of Benza beauty will take part at their first show at Genk with their mother Blacksugar Birscha and their friends Cheyenne d'Overbeek and Blacksugar Dwina
27/03/2005 Cheyenne d'Overbeek, Blacksugar Birscha and Blacksugar Dwina will take part at the International Show of Luxemburg
Cheyenne D'Overbeek and Blacksugar Dwina will take part in the Eurodogshow in Kortrijk , respectively in youth and puppy class.
The ultrasound has showed today that our bitch Birscha is pregnant. Chocolate puppies expected 19th Dec 2004

Penny Royal's Top Treasure (Sasha) served Blacksugar Birscha today
( http://fokkerskring.isonzeclub.nl/stamsasha.html )
It took place in Hoorn (Noord Holland).

The registration of our kennels "of Benza Beauty"






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